Making Marketing Surveys Sing

Here’s some good advice:  Break up the email promotional stream with a few surveys!  Make your email relationship more interactive, and you’ll see response lift across all your email messages!

In fact, that is such good advice, that nearly everyone does it.  So now, we have the additional challenge of making our surveys break through.

Harland-Clarke Digital created this infographic about the seven layers to successful surveys.   It’s a helpful reminder on how important it is to have a sincere and compelling purpose – as well as a great subject line.

What have you learned about surveys this year?

  1. Saul Dobney

    April 3, 2013

    There used to be a sharp distinction between direct marketing and market research particularly with regard to Data Protection, TPS and issues like anonymity. Do you think that distinction has disappeared now?

  2. Bob

    April 15, 2013

    Privacy in market research is a shifting landscape. How do you engage respondents in research experiences that are responsible, reliable and transparent? There are fewer and fewer walls that separate responders from the people collecting the data.

    Placing research into a legal and regulatory framework is critical, and complex. Different regulatory agencies see privacy differently. They interpret it differently, making the landscape a complex mosaic. The bar at which a commercial business must stop or proceed on their collection and use policy is a complex interpretation. The legal context is a piece by piece equation – especially on a global basis.


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