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An hour flew by in a NY minute when industry practitioners and thought leaders joined together with DMA Research to chat about a few of the stats and trends covered in the 36th edition of the DMA Statistical Factbook. “The Statistical Fact Book really represents where our industry is spending and trending because it is sourced from the full marketing ecosystem” said Michelle Tiletnick, Editor of the 2014 edition.

While we only scratched the surface in the launch webinar talking about a few trends in a few key areas such as: Data, Email, Search, Consumer Demographics, Retail and Nonprofit the presenters did an amazing job in connecting the “stats” to marketing as we know it.  Missed it? Don’t worry you can still access the full recording!

You can also take a sneak peek into the Stat Book or download the full table of contents.

Here are a few favorite sound bites from the kick-off:

»      Overall: “The year continues with a growing emphasis on targeted, measurable, data-driven approach to customer engagement tying business practices to results.” – Gina Scala, VP of Education & Research, DMA quoting Bruce Biegel, Winterberry Group

»      Digital Retail Tools: “Consumers increasingly expect to be reached through digital tools such as: search, retail sites, printable coupons, brand emails, daily deals, reviews, shopping apps and more.  In choosing a budgeting for use of these digital tools marketers must consider consumer familiarity the tool’s overall ability to change shopping behavior and the tool’s strength in influencing the marketer’s specific goals.” – Kim Finnerty, Senior VP of Research & Insights, Epsilon’s Ryan Partnership

»      Search: “Paid search is an industry that is constantly evolving. There is always new partners, new programs, new platforms new tools, and new ways for marketers to leverage paid search as well as new ways for search marketers to really interact with other channels that are also rapidly growing in the digital marketing space.”  –Dave Ragals, Global Managing Director, Search,  IgnitionOne

»      Email:  “Email is the still the workhouse of the marketing group.  Consumers love email because they have to opt in – they have to sign up for it, they have to love that message and want to interact with it.”   –Tom Sather, Sr. Director, Research, Return Path

»      Nonprofit: “The industry has really had to evolve in the last 5 years. Nonprofits must create strategies utilizing multiple channels with relevant messaging for younger donors.” – Angie C. Moore VP, Strategy & Development Eleventy Marketing Group

»      Data: “It’s an exciting time to be a marketer in the data-driven industry.  We have more information than ever before in terms of helping us connect with our customers across all the different channels.  And ultimately, using that data and channels to improve our decision making.” –Adam Basilio, Senior Product Manager, Experian Data Quality

»      Consumer Demographics:    “We are in the golden age of the omni-channel consumer.  Over 142 million US adults made a purchase in the last year via online, phone, mail or some combination of the three. ”  –John Fetto, Senior Analyst, Marketing & Research, Experian Marketing Services

We encourage you to learn more and join the conversation in our Saturday Stats Series on the DMA Advance blog or check out the 2014 Statistical Factbook at the DMA Bookstore.

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