Alicia Osgood
Alicia joined DMA in August 2007. Prior to DMA, Alicia spent over eight years with Education Week. A graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in 1998 with a degree in Communication & concentrations in American Literature & Art History, Alicia resides in Washington, DC. A supporter of nonprofit organizations dedicated to historic preservation, eradicating childhood diseases & a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Alicia is familiar with both sides of the acquisition & renewal process. Alicia will use her spot in the blog to keep members up to date & informed of Federation activities on your behalf.

Bob Traino
I’m Bob Traino, head of marketing for DMA.  I worked at three of the world’s largest advertising agencies for 30 years, generating recurring growth for great companies including AT&T, Sprint, Liberty Mutual, Chase, Pfizer, and many others. I always aim to develop solutions that create intellectual capital and generate enduring commercial value for brands.  Now, I’m happy to be in the spotlight marketing to smart marketers here at DMA!   I hope you will join me as I rant – and rave, about the sexiest four-letter word in advertising today – “data.”

Gina Scala (@GinaScala)
Gina Scala here. Life-long learner and marketer. I have a passion for Ah Ha! moments especially when those come in the form of making marketers successful. Have you had any Ah ha! moments or are you just Ho Hmm-ing along – I’d love to hear about it, celebrate it here, and help you find other like-minded DMA members to move you from where you are to where you could be! As VP of Education and Professional Development, I’m all about developing your company’s most important asset: People!  (And, if you want an example of my classroom training panache, check out my debut as a toothpaste saleswoman!)

Jerry Cerasale
This is Jerry Cerasale, SVP of Government Affairs, speaking to you from inside the Washington, DC beltway.  I’m involved in all things government for the DMA and will muse about government and regulatory happenings in DC and the states that affect marketing and non profits —your businesses—and what DMA is doing on your behalf to protect data-driven marketing.  I’ll try to avoid Washington speak, but ….

Laura Gigliotti
Hi and welcome — we’re thrilled you’re here! I’m Laura Gigliotti, Event & Program Specialist at DMA. I spend my days in the C&E (Conference & Events) world, working with an awesome team to produce DMA’s annual flagship Conference & Exhibition. Each month, I’ll hit a new theme and post relevant articles, interviews, research, tips and tricks here, in hopes that they’ll help you capitalize on all the opportunities responsible, data-driven marketing presents. My passions? Crumbs cupcakes and Coldplay…in that order.

Linda Woolley
I’m Linda Woolley, President and CEO of DMA and my job is to advance and protect responsible data-driven marketing.  Why?  Because data-driven marketers are the engine of economic growth.  We give consumers what they want, when they want it, in the most convenient way possible – and we do it the right way – responsibly.  What I love about leading the DMA is working with our great team of talented staff, and sharing ideas, and learning from our members about new technologies and ways of communicating with customers.  I will blog about my thoughts on the industry, public policy, consumer attitudes and  insights, and I look forward to your feedback and comments.  When I’m not working on your behalf,  I love puttering in my garden, arranging flowers at the National Cathedral, and keeping my killer poodle (no kidding) safe and sound.

Lisa Brown Shosteck
Hi! I’m Lisa Brown Shosteck and I wear many hats at the DMA, including my newest role with the Email Experience Council (EEC). But all my hats lead to helping guide members on good marketing practices and complying with our guidelines. Want to learn more about the DMA Safe Harbor Program or want to share good business practices or concerns about ethical marketing practices from a company or consumer view point? Then please reach out, I’d love to hear from you. Also, as my newest role at the EEC, I would be happy to share news about what the Leadership would like to offer the email and digital community and also hear from you about what content you’d like to see available from the EEC.

Paul A. McDonnough
Hello, my name is Paul A. McDonnough and I like to think of myself as an advocate for you as members of the modern data-driven marketing mix we are now engaged within. One of my main goals as an DMA advocate is to ensure that you, a vital member of our dynamic mix, is empowered with the latest information, innovation and trends impacting marketing leaders today.

I will endeavour to tune you into the most provocative discussions and game changing insights in this ever evolving space.

Peggy Hudson
Hello this is Peggy Hudson, SVP of Government Affairs. Call me crazy but I love working with Congress and regulatory agencies. Nothing is more meaningful to me than putting together the relationships and coalitions to advance an issue important to industry members. I have spent a career on the Hill or working it. The data driven marketing industry is exciting and I enjoy representing this dynamic industry. My other passions, aside from my husband and two children, are my horse and golf. Tally ho!

Rachel Nyswander Thomas (@rachel_n_thomas)
This is Rachel Nyswander Thomas, Vice President of Government Affairs at the DMA…and your go-to gal for insight into how Washington really works!  I spend my time on Capitol Hill explaining all the wonderful things that data-driven marketers and fundraisers provide for consumers, charitable organizations, the economy and society as a whole through the responsible use of consumer data…and why policymakers shouldn’t get in the way of the amazing innovation that you make possible.  Things really are different “inside the Beltway” and I love the challenge of translating business needs into policy that works.

Robert Manning
Well hello there. Rob Manning here. I am the Senior Content Manager and Instructional Designer for the DMA. I help work with our partners to put on the great swath of webinars the DMA hosts, as well as manage our self-paced online learning programs. My aim is to get as many of YOU as excited as I am about the amazing online programs we offer. So check back regularly to see our “Webinar of the Month” which will highlight some of the most beneficial and interesting topics we cover.

Senny Boone
When I was a small child, I told my mother I had a golden voice that no one knew about. Being a kid, I also told her my stomach has different-sized boxes, a big one for chocolate and a very small one for fish stew. I am now in a role where I try to get your golden voice heard here in Washington. I have been working on communications law issues for over twenty years, starting with democracy-building lobbying support for countries oppressed by old Communist regimes, to working with thousands of publishers on a range of First Amendment issues and postal matters—hey–back then, a fax machine was the big new thing! Email was seen as THE huge challenge to print. I then worked on behalf of amazing nonprofit organizations to ensure they have the freedom to fundraise, and I have spent long hours speaking with consumers about the importance of marketing and fundraising to our society.  Believe me, that can be rough, as we also deal with the fakers and bottom-feeders that taint marketing for everyone. Today, looking at the integration of marketing channels, we have countless challenges and opportunities to help marketers and fundraisers succeed—whether by mobile, social, or the latest online marketing tactics to surprise, delight and inspire the public to take an action unique to them, whether to donate, to support a cause, to buy a product, or to take a trip. I am your advocate and your number one fan because you inspire action!

Stephanie Miller  (@stephanieSAM)
Hello and thanks for reading!  I’m Stephanie A. Miller — everyone calls me SAM — and I love creating value for DMA members, seeing great marketing in any form, getting jiggy with a new idea, and eating lots of popcorn.   Proud of any of your own (or others’) data-driven marketing? I’d love to hear about it, celebrate it here, and help you find other like-minded DMA members to move your business forward.  As the unofficial “CLO” (chief listening officer) (a.k.a.: VP of Member Engagement), I’m all about helping you connect — with resources, training, cool ideas, and each other.