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The Retail Data Loop

The Retail Data Loop

As VP Industry Strategies for Retail & Consumer Products at Epsilon, Jack Leary is responsible  for developing innovative marketing and business strategies derived from the target customer’s perspective. With over 25 years of sales and

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Are We Entering a New Age of Dis-Content?

John Immesoete, Chief Creative Officer at Ryan Partnership, poses a great question, one every modern marketer should be contemplating: are we entering an age of dis-content? If the answer’s yes, how can today’s savvy marketer

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Keeping Consumers in the Know

With over a decade of email and online marketing experience, Quinn Jalli — SVP of Marketing Technology at Epsilon — is an active participant and leader in the privacy and consumer protection space.  His deep

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Matters of Marketing Data Governance

Peg Kuman is the lead instructor for DMA’s Institute for Marketing Data Governance, as well as the Vice Chairman of Relevate. She is a pioneer in the field of Data Governance and never ceases to provide

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